As you may be aware, Trinity’s IT Department subscribes to a national IT security threat monitoring service. Today, the threat monitoring service alerted us that some Trinity accounts (including e-mail) may have been associated with the LinkedIN security breach that was recently reported.
Although the breach does not directly involve systems at Trinity Christian College; we are choosing to notify you concerning this occurrence because users sometimes reuse the same password for multiple purposes. If you use your Trinity e-mail address and password to associate your LinkedIN account we strongly suggest that you change the password associated with your Trinity Christian College account by visiting
According to LinkedIN, the credential dump contained salted hashed passwords for the accounts, but these are relatively easily broken these days. We don’t provide that information in an unsolicited e-mail notification.
Please contact the Trinity IT Helpdesk by calling 708-239-4858 or by e-mailing if you have any questions or need assistance.