College! The fun . . . the work . . . the money! . . .

Where am I going to get the money? Among the many scholarships that students can apply for is the Race Relations Scholarship Program.

Normally, you must be a member of a CRCNA congregation and plan to go to Calvin Theological Seminary or any of the colleges affiliated with the CRCNA. See instructions for a list of colleges.

There is one catch though. A scholarship recipient must train for and engage in the ministry of racial reconciliation in church and/or in society.

Our scholarship fund is one of the strategies we employ to develop multiracial leaders.

For those who wish to be considered for a scholarship from the Office of Race Relations, simply print the document that you need; complete the application, including contacting your financial aid office; and mail to: The Office of Race Relations; CRCNA; 1700 28th Street SE; Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508-1407. You may also fax it to: 616-224-0834
The application deadline is April 1. Click here for instructions and applications (new) (renewal).