1. A request for a cash advance must be made using the Cash Advance Request form and must conform to the requirements of the Authorization Policy.
  2. The request must be received by the Business Office no less than 7 business days before the funds are needed. The check/cash can be picked up the following Friday. The advance request form must indicate the date the funds are needed.
  3. The check for the advance will be generated by Accounts Payable and sent to the Cashier. The Cashier will require the recipient to present an I.D. and sign the check. A copy of these instructions, with the form to complete for the return of the advance on the back, will accompany the cash.
  4. If a person has an outstanding advance (receipts not received by Accounts Payable), an additional advance can only be obtained with the approval of the Controller.
  5. Advances are recorded to a balance sheet account with no relationship to departmental expense accounts.