OPUS 2021 is Tuesday, April 20. Now is your chance to share your excellent work with friends in other majors! Talk to your professors today and make a plan to present at OPUS.

The OPUS Presentation Submission Form is now open. The submission deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED to April 6, 2021.

Note: Your presentation does not have to be complete when you submit the form. The form is how you indicate that you plan to present in OPUS.

At Trinity, OPUS is one of the biggest events of the year. While OPUS has evolved over the years, it remains true to its origins and allows everyone to see more and think bigger than any single major or minor. This year, presentations will be in-person in a socially-distanced classroom, online, or pre-recorded.

Questions? Email sarah.hoeksema@trnty.edu OR debra.majewski@trnty.edu.