In support of its mission to provide a Biblically informed liberal arts education, the college provides access to information technology resources within its institutional priorities and financial capabilities. Access to these resources is a privilege granted to college students, faculty and staff. The college reserves the right to monitor the use of these resources and restrict or deny its use.

Information technology resources are to be used to explore and apply the implications of a Reformed worldview to all areas of learning, working and living. These resources are to be used for legitimate instructional, research and administrative purposes. Limited personal use is allowed, but these resources may not be used for personal financial gain.

Information technology resources are to be used in ways that demonstrate Christian integrity and love. Those provided with access to these resources are expected to use them in ways that are consistent with the mission and purpose of the college and in compliance with college procedures and relevant state and federal laws. Users are expected to respect the integrity of information technology facilities and systems, honor the rights and privileges of fellow users, and exercise discernment and stewardship in their use of technology.