SEOReseller is very excited to tell you that we are offering a scholarship to students. We announced the newest recipient of our Digital Marketing Scholarship program on January 30, 2019 here:

We are glad to inform you that our scholarship program is still ongoing and our deadline for entries will be on December 15, 2019 and we will announce in January 2020.

Our Digital Marketing Scholarship Program in the amount of $1000 each semester to offer to all university students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher with at least 1 curriculum year under their belt.

Below is the outline of our scholarship program:

  • Applicants must submit an essay of at least 500 words discussing the impact of digital marketing on their chosen field of study.
  • A faculty member must vouch for the information presented in the essay.
  • Interested applicants may upload their essays along with a scanned copy of their transcripts to the form below.
  • Deadline for entries will be on December 15, 2019. A winner will be announced in July and January 2020.