The Digital Arts Contest provides a great opportunity for your school and students to receive scholarship support, work with a world-known artist and be provided an opportunity to display the winning project on both 150 Media Stream and ACI websites.

The deadline for submissions is April 8, 2022.

Submission Guidelines

Each ACI member school team (consisting of one-to-three members with a faculty advisor, who also will earn $1,500) can submit one application that will include two core components:

  1. A portfolio of three-to-five past projects that represent the student(s) creativity and experience in digital art (video, film, animation, generative art)
  2. A preliminary proposal for the 150 Media Stream installation that includes a short description of the team’s idea with images or videos. The description should detail how your content will work on the unique structure of the 150 Media Stream. Please use the 150 Media Stream video wall templates to mock-up your ideas.
  3. Be available to be interviewed by 150 Media Stream curator

The winning person(s) will earn:

  • $1,500 scholarship per person from 150 Media Stream
  • Opportunity to work with a world-known artist and display its winning entry in a prestigious

Chicago office

  • Opportunity to display winning project on both 150 Media Stream and ACI websites
  • Recognition as winning entry at fall Spring 2023 public reception when work is released

For more details, view the attached PDF: